The Way how to cooking Thai Food menu.

How to cook Thai food the following ways. 

Pounding means bringing food to one or several together. Then pound them together may lead to pounding and certain foods such as fish, shrimp, pepper oil, chili oil, chili oil, dried chili pepper salad with salt.

Mixing is bringing vegetables Seasoned the meat and mix together. The flavors penetrate evenly.
Thai spicy food taste sweet, sour, salty taste is the main three. so we use the salad sauce for poured on the vegetable or meat that we mixed.

When we eat Spicy Salad,we will bring mixed sauce to pour on the sauce slightly. Before taking a little time to make the salad taste like chicken salad, vegetable salad, wing bean salad with mimosa pollen apple salad with spicy meats like beef, pork, chicken and spicy sausage.

The Curry
Which means food, water, spices, pounded fine, then dissolved in water or milk. Make a soup with meat of any kind of mixed vegetable curry with sour curry shrimp soup and so on.

The Grilling is cooking food by placing it on the stove to light. And back and forth until cooked inside and outside, soft or dry take longer tolerable. It is food that looks delicious. Such as grilled fish, grilled meats.